Let’s hear it for the boys

I stopped blogging because for a while it felt like this persona of this crass and sarcastic front was all anyone expected from me. It began shaping relationships in a way that I was uncomfortable and it felt dishonest. I took time off from dating to reflect – I deleted my dating apps for 4 months. I defined who I was as a person and I started up again.

The fuckboys reign supreme. Big thanks to my dates who told me I should do stand up, big thanks to my dates who told me that I was the funniest girl they ever met, big thanks to the dates who told me I was so real, big thanks for none of you wanting a second date.

I used to always joke that if I ever wrote a book, it would be called ‘Why am I like this?’ And then I realized something…
This was born from you, social media and the likes setting up men to behave with disregard to how their actions have consequences. For men thinking masking intentions is allowed or appreciated. For the men who don’t drink wine, for the men who hold your hand and then act like that’s an entrance to your pants.

To the men who wake up in your bed and decide you’re not worth talking to again. To the men who make decisions that effect your relationship out of fear or lacking discussion. This blog is born from you, WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?